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Window 11  Microsoft New 3D Emojis

Window 11 Microsoft New 3D Emojis

3D emojis: Microsoft is bringing the infamous Clippy character back to life as a 3D emoji in Office. After a successful campaign to gain the likes of Twitter and Instagram, Clippy will now replace the clip emoji found in Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products.

And, this is part of a more significant update to see 1,800 emoji in Microsoft 365. In addition, was updated with 3D Emojis designs and the company’s Fluent Design language.

However, Microsoft is the biggest company of software. Microsoft has launch new 3d emojis that are different high-level looks.

Meanwhile, Clippy is the show star, with a redesigned 3D emoji to add more personality. “I grew up using Clippy, and it looked like a fun little Easter egg,” says Claire Anderson, an official Microsoft “Emoji-ologist,” in an interview with The Verge.

“We’ve all dreamed of that pleasure when you put the clip on a Microsoft product, and suddenly you have that dose of nostalgia.” In addition, Clippy will now replace boring plain paper clips with Groucho eyebrows.

Microsoft 3D Emojis

In other words, we were very excited about the Windows 11 3D emojis when Microsoft first released them, so we disappointed to see the company revert to a more traditional flat design.

However, emojis the idea of emoji is to express your feelings, and the plans will be just as good as 3D Emojis ones. But that doesn’t make the change any less disappointing.

Microsoft 3D Emojis

“We’re using 2D versions for Windows 11,” Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program Team, when asked about the 3D emoji, said on Twitter.

When a Twitter user said that Microsoft had scammed them (which is an exaggeration), LeBlanc replied, “No, they didn’t cheat on you.

In addition, you’re exaggerating a bit. So, they just used the wrong graphs. Sorry for that. We’ll make sure they use the right ones in the future.”

Reasons Why Microsoft Switch From 3D Emoji To 2D

As per the report, There are over 1,800 emojis in Microsoft 365, and over the last year, we’ve been working.

On revamping them by creating a naturally fluid system significantly.

According to Windows Central, a glitch may not be the reason behind the switch to 2D.

The post suggested that the plan was never to add 3D emoji to Windows 11, citing Microsoft spokespersons.

Reasons Why Microsoft Switch From 3D Emojis To 2D

who said the company “lacks clarity” were actually to find 3D emoji.

While Windows 11 won’t get the 3D emojis, that doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t be using them anywhere else.

However, the company still expected to add 3D Emojis and animated versions of the emoji to products like Teams. So, whatever happens to emojis, one thing is clear: you will need Windows 11.

Meanwhile, in the update to the blog post, Microsoft hints that “still offers a variety of emojis for Windows 10 customers”.

and that there will be no new emoji set will be distributed on Windows 10.

Along with emoji, the new Windows 11 update includes several bug fixes. You can find more information about this here.

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