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4k San Francisco 25000 Bay Light Illuminated LED Lights Control

4k San Francisco 25000 Bay Light Illuminated LED Lights Control

4k san Francisco as we all know that Francisco city is the Beauty of the USA ( United States Of America). This city is also known for their cultural, commercial, and financial center U.S  of California. Meanwhile, San Francisco is the 17th most populous city in the whole U.S And a fourth-most populous city in California.

Thus, San Francisco city covers nearly 46.9 square miles, which is almost 121 square kilometers. However, in this blog, I’m going to share my experience in San Francisco And their 4k San Francisco bay lights

4k San Francisco Glory View In Bay Light

Meanwhile, now you can enjoy the stunning sights of the San Francisco Bay from a bird’s eye view in stunning 4K San Francisco Definition.

The GOLDEN GATE: Bridge has long dwarfed by its slim, gray companion, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. So, shamelessly it’s been a while since the bay lights have illuminated “the other spot” with the 25,000 flashings LED lights.

However, we’ve stayed lucky enough to see them every night since they were first to turn on March 5th, and now you can enjoy them too, in beautiful 4K San Francisco definition.

The video was through a RED Epic attach to Gyro-Stabilizd Systems’ C520, a portable five-axis gyro camera rig.

Thus, it is the first fully upgradeable system, interchangeable, and adapt to 4K camera technology.

The fact that the video could be made, especially considering San Francisco’s foggy and fiercely windy weather trends, was challenging.

Meanwhile, Steve Jones, the co-founder of Teton Gravity Research, said that cable weather was just one of many concerns.

“The C520 is a huge step up from existing gyro-stabilized camera platforms that much of the advanced technology which makes it so cutting edge has not thoroughly tested,” Jones said.

So, the team had no idea if the platform control panel would work, if the advancement functions realized.

4k San Francisco Glory View In Bay Light


and if the system could work on a helicopter in the first place.

After that, a series of beautiful sunny days, the date of the shooting arrive, and the team was batter by fog until it finally clear in the late afternoon.

“Since there almost no daylight left, we had to make a decision. Postpone the flight again or pick it up at night,” Jones said.

Of course, they decided to test the system after dark. So our night shot of San Francisco was a wonderful experience from the Golden Gate Bridge.

However, shrouded in nighttime mist to the stunning LED display of the Bay Bridge lights.”

Surprising Beauty In 4k San Francisco 25000 LED

However, as we reported earlier this week (both in writing and pictorially), a prominent part of the San Francisco-Oakland.

Bay Bridge has been transforming into a massive public art project called Bay Lights.

All night for the next two years, from dusk to 2 a.m. And, the north side of the bridge section between San Francisco and the adjacent Treasure Island will display an impressive array of 25,000 LEDs.

Surprising Beauty In 4k San Francisco 25000 LED

It is a variety of animate patterns stretch vertically over the bridge’s twist steel cables.

In addition, each LED is individually addressable through an Ethernet network, copper cable, and fiber optic cable.

wired for this purpose, filtered through 528 custom versions of Philips data and power supply boxes.

Review 4k San Francisco 25000 Bay Light Illuminated LED Lights Control.

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