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5 Signs your Business Needs a New Logo Design
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5 Signs your Business Needs a New Logo Design

A logo is a company’s face. It’s what people see and remember when they think of your company. It’s also one of the first things considered when evaluating a brand. As an entrepreneur, you should know that your logo design can either make or break your business. But how do you know if your commercial needs a new logo design? We’ve put together this list of signs that your business should consider rebranding.

5 signs your business needs a new logo design

Your logo is not updated on current trends

The best way to know if your logo is up to date with current trends is to do a little research. Look at the logos of the greatest successful brands in your industry, and see how they’ve changed over the years. You can also ask other people in your niche what they think about the current trend in logo design right now. Aside from that, if you think your logo is not clean and professional as it used to be, then go for a new one.

Your logo doesn’t represent your current brand

If you’re still using the same logo you had when you started, or if you haven’t updated it in over a year, then it’s probably time for a change. Keeping your old logo won’t communicate your brand’s values today. Likewise, your logo should be an extension of your brand’s identity. This is why you need to take some time to really think about how it reflects who you are and what you stand for today.

Your logo doesn’t deliver your message to your audience

If you feel like you have to explain your logo every time someone sees it, then it’s time for a change. Most people create a logo and think it’s perfect, but then they realize they can’t communicate the message they want to impart with it. This is why before you create your new logo this time, make sure you use the right elements that reflect your product or services. There are logo design companies out there that can meticulously help you in coming up with a sound logo design.

Your logo font and colors are not appealing

In a business logo, it’s important to make sure that your font and color choices are attractive and legible. If you used fancy or accent fonts in your current logo, that’s not the right choice. Moreover, colors need the right combination and intensity. If you chose the right color to represent your brand but fail to complement it with other details, it won’t still serve the purpose. Note that every detail in a logo must be legible and appealing at the same time.

Your logo is similar to other brands

Having a closely similar logo to another brand is a bad shot for your business. You could potentially lose customers, knowing that you don’t have the originality and identity. Another worst-case scenario is when someone sues you for copying their logo design. This could eat your money and time that’s supposed to be allocated for your business.


In the end, it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to revisit your business logo design. If your business is rising and evolving, then maybe it’s time for a new look. On the other hand, if things are going well and you’re happy with your current branding, then there might not be any need to change anything. Either way, revisiting your business logo design is important and it should be something that happens regularly.

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