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The Important Difference Between Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality

The Important Difference Between Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality


Augmented Reality (AR)  and Mixed Reality(MR) remain considered immersive technologies, but they are not similar things. Mixed reality extends augmented reality, allowing natural and virtual elements to interact in an environment.

While numerous people have heard of virtual reality, the other “realities,” augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), are not as widely understood. With this article, I want to tackle that and explain the difference between augmented reality and mixed reality in layman’s terms. With the increasing use of augmented and mixed reality, everyone’s understanding of the technology will improve dramatically.

Augmented Reality(AR)

When you interrelate with virtual reality, you are immersed in a digital environment. With augmented reality, virtual information is superimposed on the natural world so that the experience is not wholly immersive. Digital details such as images, texts, and animations complement or enhance the real world experienced by the person.

While many people first discovered augmented reality during the massive popularity of the Pokémon GO mobile game or by using Philtres on Instagram or Snapchat. Increased reality has many uses that go beyond games and entertainment. Pleasure. Sectors like healthcare, aviation, automotive, and many more are exploring how augmented reality can help operations. Retailer IKEA has an increased reality app that lets buyers see what furniture will look like in their home by placing virtual versions in their living spaces through the app. AR diagnostic tools help healthcare professionals model disease in hospital settings while pilots use augmented reality to project flight data from their helmets into their field of view.

Augmented reality enhancements are made possible by devices like heads-up displays, smartphones, tablets, data glasses, and AR glasses, but smartphones are classically the AR device most people use. who have already experience AR. AR apps are creat by developers who frequently use Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

While augmented reality allows virtual information to be overlaid in a natural environment, users cannot interact with it as they would in real life. This capability remains reserved for a mixed reality environment.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality technology allows actual and virtual elements to interact with each other and the user to interact with virtual elements as in the real world. Because mixed reality connects with the real world, it is not consider a fully immersive experience. The 3D content you encounter in space in a hybrid reality environment will respond to you fair as you would in the real world. For example, an object comes close to you when you approach it, and you can interact with it, eg. For example, rotate an object with gestures. Several companies work on mixed reality technology and have MR products, including Microsoft’s HoloLens, Lenovo Explorer, Samsung Odyssey, and Acer Windows Mixed Reality.

Since mixed reality is the latest immersive technology, its use cases are not as developed. However, Microsoft hopes that the newest version of its HoloLens will help many companies improve employee communication, collaboration and learning experiences, and other business applications. Ford uses mixed reality technology to create prototype vehicles in a virtual environment.

How Does Mixed Reality Work?

Mixed Reality Work

Mixed reality remains a relatively new concept compared to virtual reality and augmented reality. Thanks to Microsoft’s developments in the mesh environment and devices like HoloLens, the solution has popped up more recently. However, finding many options that provide an authentic “RM” experience is still challenging. Information on how the technology works are scarce among vendors experimenting with mixed reality.

We know mixed reality uses AR-like strategies to impose information on a natural environment. A mixed reality solution accesses functions such as computer vision to understand. The world around the user and be inspire by new images and objects. In addition, sensors and trackers are need to ensure that users can interact with the things they see. These pilots keep getting more advanced.

Experts are experimenting with haptic feedback options that allow sensors to automatically track. Movements in real-time and send information to MRI software in fractions of a second. The result is an environment in which we can work, learn and play together and interact both with the holograms of our colleagues and with plans, drawings. And images that we can freely manipulate. External cameras would constantly monitor movement and use this information to customize the content available to users.


To understand how mixed reality works, you must know how it differs from traditional virtual and augmented reality experiences. Since MRI is use to combine the physical and digital worlds. Some people call it a different “type” of AR or VR technology. However, RM exists in a spectrum called the virtuality continuum.

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