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Cybersecurity Write For Us – Nowadays, it is impossible not to hear about cybersecurity on the Internet and all the ways in which our bank details, our personal files or our computers can be hijacked. Protecting our digital space is crucial.

Cybersecurity in companies is just as important or even more so than in the private sphere. That is to say, it is absolutely necessary that the digital assets of your company are protected against external threats.

What is cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Write For Us

By cybersecurity, we understand those strategies and actions carried out by a company or individual to protect and defend their digital assets from possible cyberattacks, such as information theft and device control.

It is a branch of computing that is increasingly necessary since our level of online connection is increasingly higher and more frequent. Specifically, cyber-attacks are a constant threat to companies of all sizes.

It is not only necessary to protect the computer equipment but also the network connections. Any technological device can and should be protected against these possible threats, especially if they have access to personal, banking or company data .

Types of cybersecurity

However, a good cybersecurity strategy for companies or individuals should focus on 3 main objectives: Attack prevention, threat detection and recovery.

  • Preventive cybersecurity

Firstly, the preventive cybersecurity strategy is responsible for preventing attacks. In this case, the goal is to prevent threats from touching our devices. In other words, it is about shielding devices, networks and software against attacks and preventing them from entering.

However, this is the most common type of cybersecurity. Above all, most basic level, we find applications for firewalls, antivirus, etc. However, more advanced are the new Next-Generation Firewalls, which monitor Internet connections. All these applications are necessary, but for large companies, other customized solutions can also be applied.

However, a common preventive cybersecurity technique is “ pentesting ”, which consists of controlled attacks on the company’s computer system to identify weak points and failures in the cybersecurity system.

  • detection cybersecurity

Therefore, detection cybersecurity would be the next level. In the occasion that there is a threat trying to access our device or that has somehow already managed to enter, the cybersecurity system should detect it and block it (in the case of detection before entry) or react to the threat (if it has already entered on the device).

  • Recovery cybersecurity

However, this would be the ultimate level of cybersecurity. However, the threat manages to overcome the previous barriers, the device recovery strategies would come into play , isolating and expelling the threat.

In this case, it would also be necessary to initiate actions to recover and restore any file that may have been damaged or compromised during the attack.

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