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Social Shopping In 2021: What Is It And Why Does Your Brand Need It Now?

Social Shopping In 2021: What Is It And Why Does Your Brand Need It Now?


Social shopping, such as “social media” and “e-commerce” standardization.

Instead of marketing products on social media to generate more traffic, the whole sales process takes place on social media platforms.

“Social media buying happens when brands tag products in their social content and allow users to purchase the products directly from the range. ”

Five Best Strategies For Using Social Shopping

1. Be Consistent With Your Content

Awareness and appointment play a vital role in the success of your social selling strategy. There fore if users didn’t know you, how would you sell your products?

Content is the best strategy to increase reach, awareness, and engagement on social media. Consistent with your content, you will attract new users and regularly engage existing subscribers.

And also this way, you will drive the most traffic to your social media purchases or your purchased content feeds.

2. Converting User Content To UGC For Sale

Remember, your buying profile is for customers only. So why not show off what your peers are saying about the brand? This is where user-generated content comes in.

It’s a good idea to embed your users’ photos in your social store. Easily collect relevant UGCs from social profiles, make them affordable, share them on your social profiles, or post the cheap UGC gallery on the website.

3. Create A Strategy For Your Social Shopping Workflow

Having a social media account isn’t the limit. You have to go beyond the limits and ask yourself what the platform is for. Daily downloads, comments, and tracking are like a walk without a map. You will certainly never reach the goal.

Focus on these points to get started

  • Know your target audience and choose the social platform wisely.
  • Determine your goal (audience engagement, sales, etc.)
  • Create a plan that matches your goal.
  • Analyze your performance.

4. Access Mobile Devices First

Social networks are design for mobile devices. If you want to influence social media selling successfully, you need to take a mobile-centric approach.

The mobile-centric approach means sharing the highest quality content optimized for mobile screens.

For the social selling of websites, in particular, you need to make sure that your social media shopping arcade is optimized with appropriate page layouts and layouts to be responsive to mobile devices.

5. Display Your Products Naturally

Social media is for entertainment: users don’t want content designed to drive sales and promotions. Therefore, you should avoid sharing any content with the product tagging program.

If your content doesn’t add value to users, they won’t even interact with it.

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How Does Social Shopping Work For The Different Platforms?

Different platforms allow you to sell differently on social networks. The only thing they have in common is their opportunity for both brands and customers.

Let’s understand how social shopping platforms can help you leverage them to grow your brand and increase sales.

Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox Commerce is one of the best and unique social shopping platforms for brands to include their branded and UGC content in shopping galleries. This exclusive platform helps you collect content (especially UGC) from multiple social channels and turn them into social galleries for sale.

Taggbox Trading allows you to create your social store by choosing content from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and posting shopping malls on the website.

The most critical functions include UGC rights management, detailed analysis, creative topics, and more.

Facebook Stores

Since most marketers are already increasing their presence on Facebook to drive growth, the network channel has a lot to offer these specialists, including the Facebook store.

These social shopping platforms allow brands to create their online store on Facebook and Instagram. All you need to prepare is to log into your Facebook business account. You can create your own well-customized Facebook store to upload the product catalog you want to display.

Shopping On Instagram

Instagram, the next home for all social media employers. Marketers expanded their Instagram marketing base for social shopping but limited themselves to attracting customers due to a lack of links to stores.

With the introduction of Shoppable Instagram, the trendy social shopping platforms, brands offer their customers the option to buy directly from the post office without leaving the platform.

To create your Instagram shopping feed, you must meet some of the following conditions

  • Your account must be a business Instagram account.
  • Your profile must be linked to the Facebook product catalog.

The Best Benefits Of Social Shopping

Selling on social media has been the talk of the town for the past few years and has evolved. And also shoppers are flocking to these social shopping platforms today, offering brands a notable boost in e-commerce growth and conversion rate.

Additionally, this social media e-commerce concept offers brands many opportunities and benefits, including

  • Maximize Online Sales and Revenue Growth Opportunities
  • Diversify and multiply the customer footprint
  • Create a striking and unmistakable brand image
  • Show social proof with user-generated content
  • Reduce the customer’s shopping journey
  • Unmatched customer loyalty to the brand
  • The faster and faster payment process

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