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The 5th Element Costume Desing 20th Anniversary And Their Top Outfit

The 5th Element Costume Desing 20th Anniversary And Their Top Outfit

5th element costume has completed its 20th anniversary. So, on this 20th Anniversary designer has taken work on the cut film. Thus, in this article, you will get the best 5th element costume and their designs so, read the complete article

French director Luc Besson’s 1997 sci-fi film The Fifth Element was quite polarizing. Thus, it’s not solid to see why; the film, then the most expensive non-American film ever made, was too long, full of holes, and in need of a “fierce cut”, as Roger Ebert noted at the time.

However, he was and still fiercely adored; it’s exciting, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s revolutionized a genre that can often be oppressive. What makes The Fifth Element so much fun is not just its fast pace and dialogue,

But, its visual effects. Besson and his team included famed cinematographer Thierry Arbogast and production designer Dan Wiel.

Worked together on a budget of $90 million to bring Besson’s vision to life. While the rest of the visuals are pretty impressive, it’s the costumes that tie it all together.

Top Five 5th Element Costume From Sci-Fi Classic

The 5th element Costume One of the main reasons many of the costumes in the film helped make it a cult classic is that they were creat by famed haute couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Let’s look at this to 5th element costume outfit from sci-fi classic

Top Five 5th Element Costume From Sci-Fi Classic

5th Element Costume Zorg’s Henchman

No evil mastermind is complete without its minions. Unfortunately, right Arm (Tricky) was only corrupt industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman). He primarily seen in the film’s first half in a single outfit.

Since this is a futuristic sci-fi film, some leather must be involve—a straight arm for a simple black leather jacket and leather pants. What made the outfit stand out was the leather bolo tie. There’s also the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Baby Ray

This 5th element costume Baby Ray’s outfit is something to talk about. As he is surround by fans who cannot hear due to his deafness, the audience sees his all-white outfit prominently. Hers is memorable due to the sheer floral top, white pants, and bleached white hair. In addition, he gives off a very angelic Victorian vibe.

The Diva [5th Element Costume]

It is impossible not to talk about Diva Plava Laguna because of her interesting character and musical abilities and because of her appearance in the film. While many remember her musical number and her genuine inability to hit the high notes, her appearance is admire.

The Diva [5th Element Costume]

The metallic sky blue color is not only stunning, but it always made you wonder if she was wearing anything. Her whole body was the same color, and everything was tight. Therefore, intricate black trim at her neck, waist, and wrists stood out against the blue. The blue Photon ocean behind her made her look more like a celestial alien.

McDonald’s Girl

The audience only sees the 5th element costume McDonald’s employee (Marie Gulliard) for a brief second, but it’s a testament to Gaultier’s attention to detail. Thus, the look brings out the uniform’s black polo shirt and pants. The look is fun, seductive, vibrant and eye-catching.

Airport And Flight Attendants

5th element costume design is seductive sexual and would attract attention. They wear short miniskirts, and some wear blouses with cutouts on the chest. In addition, different employees wear different tops, such as flight attendants wearing a 3/4 sleeve jacket with an exposed bra. Bleached blonde hair and matching blue makeup complete the look.

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