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Portable Air Conditioner Is It Worth It?
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Portable Air Conditioner Is It Worth It?

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable Air Conditioner Summer remains here and although the heat has not yet set in, it will inevitably arrive soon to raise the temperature in our homes. Air conditioning is a great option to trigger or minimize its effects, and one of the options out there is in laptops, which are increasingly available in stores.

You may be considering buying one, and if you have never had one of these devices at home, you are probably unsure whether it works well, whether it is practical, produces cold enough, and most importantly.

Main Advantages

Portable air conditioners are devices that work similarly to stationary ones, this time with a compression system built into their case. However, unlike these, they don’t need to be installed, or at least not that complicate, so just put them near a window and bring a hot air exhaust pipe outside (there are more complex models with multiple pipes).

You, therefore, do not need a technician visit and can be operated by us yourself according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It reduces its costs as we save on installation. Also, we can move it from room to room when we need it and put it away when it is not required, and even change it when we can move it quickly.

It  remains notably indicated in situations in which we cannot or do not want to install a conventional system, e.g.

In addition, in recent years, manufacturers have built-in more functions. On the market, we can find models with heat pumps for winter or dehumidifying systems that also do not require installation.

Main Disadvantages

In my experience with this type of device over the past decade (we had several different brands at home), there are three main drawbacks:

Starting with the question of space, it is clear that a hole in the room must be reserve to place the air system. Even though modern devices are very compact. Removing the tube forces us to place it near a window and in positions that are not always best to go unnoticed.

The second problem is that of energy efficiency. The pipe dissipates the hot air to the outside and radiates some heat into the room since it is usually a plastic pipe without any insulation. In addition, while there is typically an adapter to cover the remaining space in the window, there are still holes that allow the cold to escape and the outside air to come in. So we need more refrigerators than average.

Finally, we have the noise aspect. The figures given by the manufacturer in the advertisement are irrelevant. Portable air conditioners are often very noisy. We usually find values ​​between 45 and 60 dB much higher than the recommended 24-25 for sleeping at night with the device switched on.

Is it boring? Well, it depends on whether you can put it a few feet away or if you have to sit next to it. During the day, you can be close to ambient noise, television, street noise, etc., but if you plan to use it at night and are a light sleeper, you should probably turn it off.

The Ten Best Portable Air Conditioners Of 2021

When the heat hits hard, your thing is air conditioning or an indoor air conditioner. But that’s not always possible.

Traditional split air conditioners are a good deal. But they are expensive and require installation work, which requires permits and additional investment. Even if you are in a rented apartment, it is quite possible that the landlord does not want to take on this investment.

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