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Advanced Robotics Seeks The Mass Market
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Advanced Robotics Seeks The Mass Market

What Is Advanced Robotics?

Advanced Robotics who said that the markets are saturate with consumer goods. So mature that there is little room for new proposals, in short. The explosion of a new industry is forge, service robotics. Which ultimately seeks to create a new category of high-value-add products for the mass market. New personal assistants that mimic human characteristics.

Perhaps the robot is for the 21st century what the car was in the 60s, in addition to a revolution due to its intrinsic utility. A symbol of power, status Investments in research are focus and determine, development of the robot to encourage consumers.

Computer science enabled industrial robotics to make a giant leap in the control of machines and automation devices. The construction of robotic arms has opened the doors to new applications of mechanical science such as civil engineering or healthcare.

The development of information technology has made it possible to equip robots with greater control capacity. Which is why service robotics are currently being develop that extends to agriculture. Exploration, cleaning, surgery, or rescue. The following link in the chain is the personal robot, which has not yet reached the domestic realm for nearly half a century despite its presence in cinema and science fiction novels.

What Is Advanced Robotics?

The industry need fast and precise automatons, and welfare society seems to require humanoids (or, after the consumer electronics and other overuse sectors are exhaust, a new need must be create for the market to continue its operations, and many researchers are working hard to increase the autonomy of our new employees, babysitters or butlers: positioning systems for safe navigation, new vision systems, cognitive systems base on the function of the object instead of its dimensions, learning ability, autonomy in the Decision Making  Anything to Create This Cyber ​​Future It never happened

Overview Of Industrial Robotics

Although the automotive industry has traditionally been the industry with the most significant increase in PLC consumption, says Javier Grau. Director of AER-ATP. This line is stagnating, and other industries are taking over.

Overview Of Industrial Robotics

how the food industry. Which has increased its robot fleet by 30%, or handling and packaging as well as plastic injection robots. In the same vein, Jesús Sánchez, head of the technical department at Kuka Robots Ibérica, says: “In the food sector. There are more and more applications for industrial robots, such as our partner Banks, who use our robots for its automatic pork cutting systems. For his part, the AER-ATP President, Juan Luis Elorriaga

Research Trends And Challenges

Research in industrial robotics in the coming years will require the combination of two factors: Productivity and flexibility and their complete integration into manufacturing processes. As indicated in the White Paper on Robotics published last year. According to studies by the European platforms Euron and Europ, the technological challenges for industrial automation will be as follows:

  • Development of new handling and gripping systems:
  • smoother and faster arms with a force-to-weight ratio of 1: 1 compared to the current 1:10.
  • Which requires new, lighter materials and more robust, smaller, and more powerful motors.
  • A development of self-configuring gripping systems.
  • Development of multi-robot systems that cooperate in manufacturing systems and many cases can include a modification of transport systems.

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Review Advanced Robotics Seeks The Mass Market.

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