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What Is The Maintenance System? – Types Of Industrial

What Is The Maintenance System? – Types Of Industrial

What Types Of Industrial Maintenance Are There?

Companies (both SMEs and large companies) know that their productivity depends partly on the type of industrial maintenance system.

And the maintenance programs that they must implement in their strategy to be more profitable. Every industry has particular requirements and therefore has to implement some care.

This article describes the types of industrial maintenance most commonly used by companies, like the services we usually recruit in our SICMA21 industrial maintenance department.

These ideas are not always easy to understand or are unknown to everyone involved in the production process. New, more advanced, and specific maintenance systems are emerging, focused on efficiency and the good results required by Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

But we will talk about it in future articles. Now I’m interested in focusing more on the types of industrial maintenance you should know about.

Why Is Industrial Maintenance So Crucial To Your Business?

Many companies can confirm that maintenance costs are a large part of total production costs. The numbers vary from company to company, of course. Still, sometimes they can represent up to 50% of overall production costs without considering planned downtime, warehouse and tool management, purchases.

For this reason, the profitability and productivity of a company depend in part on the maintenance programs put in place; Therefore, production facilities must have a well thought out and optimized strategy to ensure that all equipment is operating in the most reliable way possible.

When technicians and maintenance managers have the opportunity to check the status of their equipment and enter information into software or Computer.

Aided Maintenance Management (CMMS) to help them anticipate possible breakdowns, they can be much more efficient and perform well.

The eventual goal, of course, is to decrease waste for an entire facility and improve productivity and profitability. For this reason, the maintenance plan you use will help you with this.

 Types Of Industrial Maintenance

1 – Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance remains carried out as soon as a fault remains detected on a computer or a production line: your objective is to maintain the normal functioning of the return devices so that they can perform the function assigned.

Technicians react with unscheduled repairs as soon as a failure cannot remain expected with the identified preventive maintenance processes.

In short, corrective maintenance gives technicians the ability to perform their interventions without delay or even the power to decide whether to repair a device fault when the fault is detected or later.

On the other hand, unscheduled repairs can be more expensive than expected, leading to unpredictable costs. Although preventive maintenance does not always allow maintenance teams to anticipate every breakdown.

Or failure because it is still tough to know which components are faulty, it helps them reduce their losses.

2 – Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance aims to predict when gear failure may occur, and second, to prevent losses from occurring while care is in progress. Future fault monitoring allows maintenance to remain planned before a fault occurs.

Ideally, predictive maintenance allows for the lowest possible maintenance.

Frequency to avoid unplanned corrective maintenance without incurring the costs of too much preventive care.

While predictive maintenance works effectively as a maintenance strategy, maintenance of industrial machines remains only performed when necessary. That is, shortly before the failure or malfunction occurs.

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