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Nine Procedures Of NFC That You Can Give To An Android Phone

Nine Procedures Of NFC That You Can Give To An Android Phone

What Is The NFC?

NFC is a technology that has been with us for several years. Even so, several services may be unknown today, as we only talk about mobile payments when we refer to that tiny chip that many phones carry today.

We will walk you through the uses that NFC can have on our cell phone so that you know the potential of NFC, which can remain used for various options that you may not already have.

Transfer Photos, Videos, Or Music

Although using NFC to transfer files is not very common on Android, it is possible to do this type of transfer with compatible devices. Currently, some cameras and laptops contain NFC to share the files directly from the mobile phone. It saves us the connection by cable or via Bluetooth.

Technically, the transmission is via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct, but NFC eliminates pairing, so everything is faster and easier for the user.

Use The Cell Phone Key For The Car.

Using the smartphone as a car key is not a standard, but the technology already exists and is expected to become widespread in the future. The NFC can be built into a vehicle so that when it comes into contact with our phone, the car can remain open like a user key.

Some of the leading players are Apple, Audi, BMW, General Motors, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung, Volkswagen, Alps Electric, Continental Automotive, DENSO, and Qualcomm this technology of tomorrow.

To Identify You At The Checkout

You might not know it, but you don’t need to use the card to identify yourself at the ATM. All you essential to fix is solve the cell phone to read our NFC chip (if the cell phone remains configured for it), and the ATM can recognize our card.

I always use this selection because it avoids taking the cards out of my wallet. You pull out your cell phone, place it on the ATM’s wireless reader, and voila, you’re ready to go to work.

Mobile Payments

And on the banking theme: it was imperative to talk about mobile payment. The main advantage here remains that we can take multiple cards stored in the phone with us, so we don’t need to go to the wallet to find the card we want to use, depending on the circumstances.

Apps like Google Pay or Samsung Pay allow us to register and configure multiple cards to choose which one we want to use on the phone itself. It is a relatively short form of payment as long as the point of sale offers wireless payment capabilities, which is very common these days.

ID card

It is not a very widespread practice nowadays, but the NFC of our cell phone can act as a personal identifier. For example, during the Mobile World Congress itself, the NFC badge remained put in place, accreditations by NFC allowed access to the event venue via this identifier. This method applies to jobs, festivals, passports, etc.

Synchronization of devices

While Bluetooth is still king when connecting to devices, NFC isn’t an issue regarding connection speed and stability. This technology allows us to join the cell phone to the headphones and speakers reasonably quickly without going through the somewhat tedious Bluetooth connection process, depending on the device.

Automation Of Actions

NFC tags have remained around for years and allow us to automate actions when our phone detects them. For example, we can automate the linking to WiFi when entering the house, activate music playback, configure alarms, and more.

Share the WiFi key

Sharing WiFi when friends or family originate home container remain a problem. With an NFC tag and an application like Trigger to configure its functions, you can transform the NFC tag into an activator of this key. This way, we can easily share the data from our network.

Access Public Content

It is worth spending a few words on how NFC can be made available to citizens for free on task automation. For example, in the city of Granada, a combined system of QR and NFC codes has been set up at the Alhambra.

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