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What Is A One-Page Website? – Uses, Benefits, And More
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What Is A One-Page Website? – Uses, Benefits, And More

What Is A One-Page Website?

A one-page website has only one page, also identified as a single-page website. This type of website doesn’t have internal links for visitors to click, but it usually contains relevant external links.

It  means that, unlike a standard website, a one-page website usually doesn’t have:

  • A contact page
  • One page up
  • A separate store page
  • A navigation bar at the top or bottommost of the website.

Think of it this way: Separate pages on a typical website become sections on a one-page website. A visitor can quickly access it by scrolling down the page.

Some one-page websites have a navigation bar, but their links don’t lead to other pages because they don’t exist. Instead, a click on each navigation link automatically scrolls the page down and takes the visitor to the appropriate section within the same page.

How Is A Website Different From A Landing Page?

Landing pages have a unique approach: they aim to get visitors to act with a prominent call to action. This call-to-action corresponds to the title and full content of this landing page. Nothing distracts from this call-to-action, not even the links.

One action means that it is straightforward for the visitor to take that action if the post resonates on the landing page.

The Only Goal Of Your Landing Page Could Be:

  • Promote a book or e-book
  • Win podcast subscribers
  • Bring a product to market
  • Gain subscribers for your weekly newsletter

One-page websites can also have a call-to-action, but unlike landing pages, this is not your only goal.

For example, an online video trainer may have the general goal of a website to sell their master class online. But apart from that, you can also mention and link to:

  • His recent appearances in the press
  • Free download of the checklist
  • Parts of your customer portfolio
  • Your Instagram profile and your YouTube channel

While these links seem to detract from the ultimate goal of selling a master class, they bring the reader closer to it. Newspapers, free content, and a strong portfolio help this hypothetical creator build visitors’ trust before they’re ready to buy.

Why Landing Pages Can Be Used

There’s a happy middle ground between landing pages and one-page websites – you can turn your landing page into a one-page website.

Just like you canister make a standard landing page as short or long as necessary to lead your visitor to the CTA, you can also add hyper-relevant links, resources, and trust signals like press mentions and prompts.

It is precisely what the Rainbow Files project did with its landing page. The main call to action is prominent, but there’s more to the site. The print explores the why of models that celebrate diversity. There are also:

  • A contact email address
  • An outside link that explains the basics of PSD models
  • Links to a planning consultancy and a LinkedIn profile
  • Many pictures

5 Benefits Of Having A One Page Website To Sell Your Product Or Service

One-page websites aren’t just a fad. If you choose to go this route, you can hugely impact your platform, audience, and business as a one-sided website will produce results. It is like it is:

One Page Websites Are Very Specific To Their Audience

Do you think that having a single page on your website reduces your chances of getting traction, readers, subscribers, and, ultimately, paying customers?

Good news: the opposite is true. Reducing your post to just one page brings clarity to your online presence. It also puts your audience first and shortens the delay between a visitor’s first visit to your website and when they know they’re in the right place.

Websites Are Simple, Clean, And Uncluttered

One-page websites eliminate clutter. They are structured as a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You are the narrator.

Your visitor doesn’t have to choose their adventure; follow the action. You get the maximum value because you don’t have to jump from page to page to find it. There is no place for less important details to distract the user.

One-page websites are attractive and straightforward, making them ideal for mobile viewing. But, of course, that’s huge when you consider that the average smartphone media usage in the US is 203 minutes per day.

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