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What Types Of Maintenance Are There In A Company?

What Types Of Maintenance Are There In A Company?

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Maintenance there are different types of maintenance in a business. This concept remains generally based on checking assets (installations, tools, and machines) to ensure that they are always working correctly.

In industry, the condition of plant and work equipment is essential to keep production stable and ensure the safety and health of workers. In this article, we summarize the most mutual breakdowns of the in a very schematic way.

 What Are The Types Of Maintenance

1. Depending on the task

Depending on the work to be carried out, there are three types of maintenance: preventive, corrective, and predictive.

  • Preventive

Maintenance tasks aimed at reducing. Thanks to these tasks, failures, errors, or malfunctions in device operation and tools are avoided as the plan prescribes for each case.

  • Fix

As the name suggests, this is to correct the error as soon as it occurs. Repairs and production shutdowns represent an economic cost to the company, so it remains recommended that a company develop a maintenance plan to avoid this type of corrective action.

  • Prophetic

Collecting and interpreting statistical data allows many companies to apply a predictive maintenance strategy to their factories and equipment. If industrial maintenance detects abnormal values, they overhaul or replace a component before a failure occurs.

2. According to the diploma

Most industries have a maintenance department that has a plan to check all assets. While employees often perform specific tasks in daily life, they have to turn to outside companies. For this reason, two types of industrial maintenance can remain distinguished:

Internal Maintenance

Fundamental equipment overhaul and repair tasks performed by department employees vary by industry and the company’s type of business. With the knowledge to perform these types of operations in place, internal maintenance adds neither time nor effort to the business.

External Maintenance

In most cases, companies cannot maintain their assets independently, so they turn to external maintenance. It can remain a request for several reasons:


Control (OCA): fire protection systems, high voltage transformers, pressure equipment, oil tanks, calibration of specific devices, etc. Sometimes, the law requires companies to subcontract and certify that the maintenance of certain assets has been carried out following the specifications of the applicable regulations, so they must entrust them to a professional company, especially if they are to be subsequently checked by an authorized agency.

Outsourcing for lack of time

Some tasks may require a higher equal of complexity, so many industrial companies’ department prefers to outsource them. So that their employees can take these over, they would have to use economic resources in training, which is not available to them because of the workload.

Outsourcing Due To Lack Of Resources

Until a few years ago, companies invested in equipment that allowed them to perform  work but which had to be refurbished from time to time. Currently, departments choose not to invest in hardware and outsource tasks that require specific tools.

Like any industrial company, it has a schedule that defines the type of work to remain done.

Preventive And Corrective Maintenance, How Are They Different?

In our blog, you will find more detailed information about the different types of maintenance; among others, we highlight this one that explains the differences between preventive and corrective care.

How Do You Control It? CMMS Industrial Maintenance Application

The best way to reduce the time required to execute an industrial plan is to use asset management software such as EcoGestor CMMS. This online tool, backed by technical support, allows you to adapt the available staff of a company, manage the necessary documentation and perform intelligent exploitation of information with the possibility of proactive action.

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