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SAP Write For Us, Contribute and Submit Post, Guest Post

SAP Write For Us, Contribute and Submit Post, Guest Post

SAP Write for us

SAP Write for us – We speak of SAP to indicate a management software that is used by all consultants involved in most of the company activities. But do not call it “management software” as it is an understatement compared to what it offers and what it can do.

However, it is right to point to the attention of those who are interested in it, that SAP belongs to the ranks of ERP software and is successfully used at 360 degrees both by large companies and multinationals, and by smaller companies for the management and planning of all. the activities.

Companies that, we recall, have now abandoned the old AS400 system to use this new management method.

SAP: what is it for

SAP_ what is it for

The first thing you must think of SAP management software is that it allows you to follow practically the entire production process (and not) in the company.

It is possible to place orders, and buy from suppliers, but also manage accounting and budget.

In the full version, you can even plan production and carry out strategic data analysis (in this case you will be dealing with a Business Intelligence ).

Thanks to its characteristics, the various business areas such as accounting, administration, logistics, sales and after-sales are better managed. But also production, management control and human resources.

However, those who have already tried it define the SAP management system as an indispensable resource, capable of facilitating company productivity from every point of view.

Above all, its considerable scope requires good knowledge and good preparation for the operation of the management system. Also because SAP is divided into modules, that is, into macro-areas that are completely disjoint from each other, but at the same time 100% integrated with each other.

From this it follows that it can only be used by the most experts, each of whom operates and focuses their work on each of the modules that make up the management system.

I moduli SAP

Having highlighted the existence of these modules, let’s see what they consist of.

In total there are 15 at the company level and they are:

  • BC Basic Component – Basic components
  • FI Financial Accounting – Finance and Accounting
  • FI-CA – Credit management
  • WM Warehouse Management – Warehouse Management
  • SD Sales and Distribution – Sales and Distribution
  • LE LogisticExecution – Logistics Execution
  • PP Production Planning – Production planning
  • AM Asset Management – ​​Soft Management
  • CO Controlling – Management Control
  • CS Customer Service – Customer Assistance
  • MM Materials Management – Materials Management (Logistics)
  • PS Project System –
  • PM PlantMaintenance – Plant Maintenance
  • QM Quality Management – Quality Management
  • HR Human Resources – Human Resource Management

From this, it follows that for as many modules as there are, there are as many highly specialized professionals who work in IT consultancy (and this is why we speak of SAP consultancy).

The SAP consultant

In addition, the sap is a fully customizable software. In this sense, it is the consultant who takes care of the operation of the management system, through a detailed elaboration of the business processes and the adaptation of the software (often called “system”) to the customer’s requests and sector.

Depending on the sector of specialization (ie the module with which you work) there are different types of consultants, such as ” SAP Functional Consultants ” and ” ABAP Analysts / Programmers “.

So to give an example, those who work in accounting undoubtedly use the FI and CO modules.

Vice versa, the employees in the purchasing or logistics department will have to work with MM and SD.

Or again, quality engineers usually work on the QM module while production engineers usually work with PP and MM.

But does it take ad hoc training to use an SAP management system?

The formative aspect

From this overview comes the importance of SAP training. This means that it is of fundamental importance to know what are the principles behind the software system.

It is, therefore, possible both to take part in courses designed for those who want to specialize as a SAP user-employee and to enrol in real SAP FI / MM / SD / AA masters

Therefore, a simple course, lasting about 40 hours, is able to make you acquire all the knowledge on the use of the management software.

This will allow you to have added value if you are hired as a company employee.

Conversely, through the master, the approach is, to say the least, more complete. You will have a much broader vision, not only from the point of view of users and from the point of view of customizing (not surprisingly, it has a longer duration, over 120 hours).

The purpose of the master’s, therefore, becomes to train the professional figure of the SAP functional consultant. His role, as already explained, is to operate by adapting the management system to the customer’s requests and sector.

This is why training becomes important whatever the chosen path. In this way, in fact, good and discreet preparation and training of the SAP system is developed, focusing, however, for the most part, on business activities such as accounting, logistics, sales and shipping.

Finally, it is possible in this way to develop an excellent understanding of what the company dynamics are and how the corresponding information flows are translated into specific IT structures using SAP.

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