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What Is A Server? – Factors, Software, Operating system, And More
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What Is A Server? – Factors, Software, Operating system, And More


Server are the engines that drive businesses by providing the right resources to network devices and systems. And also servers are powerful computers for storing, processing, and managing network data, devices, and procedures. For companies, servers offer essential scalability, efficiency, and business continuity functions.

Whether you’re hosting a data-hungry website, setting up a shared drive for a service, or handling thousands of requests every minute, servers are the means to host and manage heavy workloads beyond the capabilities of a traditional computer.

Uses Of Server

Servers can do anything a standard desktop computer can do and more. Conversely, computers can run server processes, but they do less productively. Servers typically provide the following characteristics to the networks they serve:

Scalability for a growing or fluctuating number of devices, users, and workloads

Uses Of Server

High processing power with increasing CPU and RAM specifications to handle network workloads

Reliability to ensure that critical systems stay online and available

Collaboration between employees with access to shared network resources

Cost savings over time as servers can also reduce the load on network equipment.

Server Form Factors

Servers come in all shapes, sizes, and plans. Though, servers’ structure or form factor is generally divided into three types.

Rack Server

A rack  is a general-purpose, mountable rectangular machine that is neatly stacked in metal rack frames to optimize the use of space.

Blade Server

A blade server houses several modular circuit boards called blades that do not require a CPU, network controller, or memory while fitting in a rack.

Tower Server

A tower server is a lightweight, self-contained chassis widely used by small businesses because of its robust configuration and customization capabilities.

Server Software

Best FTP Server Software For Safe File Transfer

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has long been the framework for transferring files over the Internet. And also organizations are too familiar with FTP server software to protect online traffic and business processes. All though the heart of Internet Protocol (IP) is connecting devices and making it easy to transfer files to and from remote geographic locations. Since Internet communications are not inherently secure, SMEs can …

Server Software

2021 Best Server Backup Software And Solutions

Server backup software has been the backbone of computer technology for decades. Because of its resilience, it rarely receives the attention it deserves. There fore for many years, backup was bann from computer work; It was something that needed to be done, but it was never high on the priorities of the CIOs. But the recent wave of ransomware incidents has increased

The Best Server Management Tools And Software For 2021

Finding the best server management software tools for your business can have a significant impact on the success of your business. However, these tasks must be performed to ensure the health of your network. Manually managing all functions related to managing critical servers and applications is time consuming and expensive. It becomes even more complex and laborious when you …

Server Operating Systems

Server operating systems (OS) are the main programs that activate all  functions. There fore this operating systems must be able to:

  • Offer a command level (CLI) and GUI screen
  • Comprehensive user, security, and process management
  • Advanced hardware, software, and network configuration
  • Manage and monitor client computers, software, and activities
  • Installation and provision of applications and patches for customers

Types Of Server Operating Systems

  • Linux operating system
  • Unix operating system
  • Windows operating system
  • Ubuntu operating system
  • OS Open Enterprise
  • Red Hat Enterprise operating system

Types Of Servers

 Print Server

If you have a fleet of devices, multiple printers, or a geographically remote office, a print  is a mechanism that provides proper management and control. And also print servers are powerful devices or software that help businesses manage files in a print queue and facilitate workflow between user and printer. Nowadays, print servers can be physical or cloud-based systems that support devices with … Database

The servers dedicate to the business use of data and that power the applications, programs, and tools we love are called database servers. And also database servers are high-performance computers that store and manage data stored on a it for a network of users and devices. The terms database server, database management systems (DBMS), and relational DBMS (RDBMS) are used interchangeably, but RDMBS

Application Server

Applications come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. In a world where we rely on many critical business processes, application servers are powerful computers that provide application resources to web users and clients. And also application  are physically or virtually between database servers that store application data and web servers that communicate with clients. Application servers and similar middleware are the …

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