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What Is Wi-Fi? – Its Work, Types, And More

What Is Wi-Fi? – Its Work, Types, And More


Wi-Fi is a wireless network technology that allows devices such as computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices (smartphones and portable devices), and other instruments (printers and video cameras) to interact with the Internet. It allows these devices and many others to exchange information and form a network.

The Internet connection is made via a WLAN router. When you access Wi-Fi, you connect to a wireless router that allows your Wi-Fi-enabled devices to interact with the Internet.

What Does Wi-Fi Mean?

Ironically, this represents nothing. Wi-Fi, often referred to as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi, is often referred to as the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity, but it does not exist. A marketing company coined the term because the wireless industry searched for a familiar name for a not-so-friendly technology called IEEE 802.11. And the name stuck.

How Does Wi-Fi Work?

Technically, the IEEE 802.11 standard defines the protocols that enable communication with today’s Wi-Fi-enabled wireless devices, including wireless routers and wireless access points. And also wireless access points support various IEEE standards.

Every rule is a change that has been ratified over time. The standards operate on different frequencies, offer different bandwidths, and support other numbers of channels.

What Is A Wireless Access Point?

A wireless access point (AP) allows wireless plans to connect to the wireless network. With a Cisco wireless network, you can easily connect new devices and flexibly support mobile workers.

What a wireless contact point does for your network is like what an amplifier does for your stereo. An access point takes bandwidth from a router and expands it so that many devices can connect to the network from further afield. But a wireless access point can do more than extend Wi-Fi. It can also deliver valuable data to network devices, provide proactive security, and serve many other practical purposes.

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What Is A Wireless Router?

WiFi routers are often found in households. These are the hardware devices that Internet service providers use to connect to their wired or xDSL Internet network.

A wireless router is sometimes said to as a wireless local area system (WLAN) device. A network is also name a Wi-Fi network.

A wireless router combines the network functions of a wireless access point and a router. And also learn more about wireless routers.

What Is A Mobile Hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a standard feature on smartphones with connected and disconnected connections. When you activate your phone’s mobile hotspot, it shares its wireless network connection with other devices, which can then access the Internet.

What Is A Portable Wifi Hotspot?

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot is obtaine through a wireless service provider. And also it is a small device that uses cell phone towers that carry broadband 3G or 4G broadband signals. Multiple devices, such as iPads and laptops, can connect wirelessly to the device, which in turn connects seamlessly to the Internet wherever you are. Like a cell phone, the monthly cost of the mobile hotspot is based on the data usage plan you choose. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot is more reliable to access the Internet than searching for static public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Types Of Wi-Fi

There are four different types of implementations that a company can choose from when creating a wireless network. Each performance has its own set of attributes that work best for other solutions.

Cisco Mobility Express

Mobility Express is unique to the Cisco Wi-Fi network and is a simple and robust wireless solution for small and medium-sized businesses. There fore it has all the advanced Cisco features preconfigured with Cisco best practices. And also the default settings make it quick and easy to deploy and up and run in minutes. It is perfect for essential small business networks.

Centralized Delivery

The most common wireless network system is traditionally used on campuses where there are nearby buildings and networks. And also this implementation consolidates the wireless network, allows for easier upgrades, and enables expanded wireless capabilities. The drivers are location-base and install in a central location.

Convergent Delivery

A solution that adapts to small campuses or branches. Provides customers with consistency in their wired and wireless connections. There fore this arrangement combines cabling and wireless technology into a network device, an access switch, and takes on the dual role of wireless control and controller.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Cloud-based deployment – A system that uses the cloud to manage network devices deployed locally in different locations. And also the solution requires cloud-managed Cisco Meraki devices with complete network visibility through their dashboards.

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