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The 5 Digital Trends That Will Shape 2021
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The 5 Digital Trends That Will Shape 2021

What Are The Digital Trends

The Digital Trends this year has been labele a “change,” especially in terms of technology and its use in everything from contact with family and friends to the way we work. What will he surprise us with next year?

After what 2020 has seen worldwide, the expectations awakened when discussing developments in artificial intelligence, big data, the internet, cybersecurity. And digital banking during the pandemic are increasing. Digital trends are at the forefront of what is emerging in technology. On-the-job training, new ways of performing professional functions and maintaining alertness.

It is important to consider the digital trends in the next year.To be clear about which areas need to be strengthen and to be part of the global digital transformation and the new normal.

This year, companies were force to present their consumers on all possible channels such as online shops, e-commerce, mobile apps, and social networks. Thus, new challenges have arisen in the interaction with customers to meet their needs. That is why a trained work team with foresight and practical solutions in the company that streamlines production and improves the customer experience is essential.

All companies around the world have recognized that technology and its tools are a fundamental element in the development of their functions. However only 30% of companies have started an initiative with artificial intelligence.


Here Are The Top 5:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Implementation: 2021 promises to be the year that AI will mature with the increasingly common practice of this process, leaving behind the customer experience and the modernization of commercial operations. Artificial intelligence was enhanced with the introduction of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Internet Of Things (IoT): According to the report mentioned above, only 22% of companies have started using IoT this year. The remaining 78% are still analyzing or do not know what benefits it can have for the business. It is expect to reach its full possible from 2021 onwards.

Cybersecurity: One of the significant outstanding issues that need to be tweaked and refined to improve customer experience further. Cyber ​​security is high on the priority list for all organizations. Teleworkers’ identities and devices are the new perimeters that need to be securely strengthened.

Quantum Computing: A technology that is part of computing and relies on the fundamentals of the superposition of matter and quantum entanglement to create a different kind of computer than we know. This tool increases the storage capacity to more states per information unit and works with more efficient numerical algorithms.

Blockchain: Known as a single ledger and distributed over several nodes in a network. According to The Valley report, currently, only 12% of companies in Chile have started an initiative.

While 88% are still analyzing or are not aware of the benefits this could mean for the company. By 2021, blockchain is expect to be use in intellectual property, food security, and wealth management.

In Summary

companies must integrate profiles with new digital skills and train their teams in new skills for dealing. With disruptive technologies or new tools for carrying out digital transformation processes.

Which they are already doing. Backward so that they can quickly adapt to new market challenges.

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Review The 5 Digital Trends That Will Shape 2021.

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